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  • What is Liberr?
    Liberr fue creado con el ánimo de solucionar los problemas para encontrar proveedores idóneos, seguros, cumplidos para la prestación de servicios como: mantenimiento de aire acondicionado, mensajero, plomero, electricista, conductor, aseadora, servicios de belleza o de salud y muchos más. Es una aplicación móvil cuya misión es crear oportunidades para miles de personas en Panamá, que quieran trabajar de manera independiente ya que te permite ofrecer tus servicios libremente. Todos aquellos que tengan una carrera universitaria o técnica, o que tengan experiencia confirmada, mayores de edad en búsqueda de fuente de ingresos, pueden ser parte de los socios Liberr.
  • How does Liberr work?
    You can see this video in which we explain how Liberr works click here to follow this process:
    1. Download our application and register here.
    2. Find the category related to the service you need, select the desired service.
    3. You must answer and indicate the characteristics of the service, date and place where the provider will be presented.
    4. Select the payment method and confirm the service order.
    5. This will connect you to the closest person available, who has passed all of our security and suitability filters.
    6. You will always be advised and accompanied by our Liberr professionals in case of any inconvenience click here.
    7. We have civil liability insurance in case of any damage caused and life insurance for our suppliers.
  • What is the procedure to find a provider with my specific task?
    Once you have made the request for a certain task, our search engine will connect you to the closest and most qualified person through our platform, to be able to pay safely, at the price agreed from the beginning, easily and quickly.
  • What should I include in the description of the service I need?
    Describe the details required in the provision of the service, being more specific in the service required the provider will be able to meet your expectations, if necessary you can also upload photos that help the provider to have a better idea of the service to provide.
  • How much will I be charged?
    Depending on the type of service you are requesting, the time required, the cost of an hourly rate will be calculated for the specific task you need to complete. The prices of the services are standardized, seeking that customers and service providers have a fair rate, according to the market.
  • How and when is the payment made?
    You must register your credit card before confirming the service order, and when the service order is taken by the service provider and the service has been successfully rendered, your credit card is debited.
  • Where are Liberr services available?
    Liberr services remain available in the city of Panama and its surroundings, soon it will be available in other cities of Panama and in other countries.
  • How are service providers selected?
    Service providers have successfully passed:
    1. Vetted, Background-Checked providers.
    2. Their suitability has been verified, and that they can effectively provide the service offered, validating their resume, professional references.
    3. They have been trained in customer service and in the use of the Liberr application.
  • How do I contact a Liberr service advisor?
    You will always have a Liberr advisor available for any query, claim or support throughout the service provision process. You can contact them through Whatasapp here or by email
  • As a customer, what insurance coverage do I have?
    Una póliza por US$ 25.000 por daños y robos en caso de cualquier inconveniente presentado. También los proveedores Liberr cuentan con un seguro de vida por USD$ 20.000 y accidentes por USD$ 2.000.
  • How do I contact a service provider who will fulfill my service order?
    When the service provider has confirmed that it takes the requested service, you will have available the internal chat of the Liberr application, you will be able to communicate through this channel.
  • Do I have a working relationship with the service provider?
    You do not have any employment relationship with the provider that provides the service, both the client and the service provider are free to select the schedule, duration of work, there is no obligation to agree to provide a service, the service provider is total freedom to accept it, is under the modality of provision of services.
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